Best Affordable True Wireless Earbuds Touch Headphones Sports Earphone Headset T23

Best Affordable True Wireless Earbuds Touch Headphones Sports Earphone Headset T23

  • Model NO. T23
  • Price:US $ 5.00-6.00 / pieces
  • Minimum order quantity:1000 pieces
  • Accept Min order:Yes
  • Supply Ability:1000 pieces / Day
  • Country of Origin:Shenzhen China
  • Stock Time:25 Days
Basic Information
Product Description

These Best Affordable True Wireless Earbuds are the perfect companions to accompany you along with your journey. These earbuds come powered by Bluetooth 5.0 which allows for immediate pairing even for more than 10 meters distance once taken out from the charging case. They can last 3 to 4 hours of consecutive use per charge, bring the most convenient auditory experience than ever and eliminate the troublesome wired earbuds. Totally workable to take the Best Affordable True Wireless Earbuds with you for various sports, whether running, doing exercises, or walking. The supreme compact ergonomic design is crucial for firm fixation while comfortable wearing for your ears and earbuds won't fall off easily. Supports single or binaural connection at a time for different needs of listening. Our Best Affordable True Wireless Earbuds deliver excellent sound tunes without turbid sound, sound delays, or sound stuck, you can enjoy natural, true, and high-fidelity sound for music and phone calls. Power the earbuds for use with the exquisite charging case by simply put the earbuds in and out. Take action now to avail of high-quality sound at GEMQI.

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Product Name

Product TypeWireless Bluetooth
Chip TypeAC6973A4
Control ModeTouch Control
Transmission Distance>10M
Bluetooth VersionBluetooth V5.0
Play Time3-4 hours
Product Size / N.W60.3*45.5*22mm
Packageuser manual*1 LIGHTNING charging cable*1 Earplug silicone cap

T23 TWS noise-cancelling headphones

Best Affordable True Wireless Earbuds supplier

Full touch operation

Intelligent touch control, convenient and quick

Best Athletic Wireless Earbuds company

High quality data connection

Bluetooth5.0+ BLE

with more than 10 meters transmission distance and stable

connection, it never delays.

Best Affordable True Wireless Earbuds wholesale

Binaural separation design

Bluetooth in mobile phone is connected to both earphones, the

two earphones receive signals at the same time,both of them are

master earphones. Never disconnect, get stuck or a voice out of sync.

cheap Best Athletic Wireless Earbuds

Noise-cancelling Headphones & Quality Voice

The headphones have noise reduction function, and the sound quality

has been greatly improved.

Best Affordable True Wireless Earbuds China

Automatic connection

After the first pairing, the headset will be automatically connected

when taken out

Best Athletic Wireless Earbuds manufacturer

Super long standy time

Best Affordable True Wireless Earbuds China

Wireless Charging

Earphones can add wireless charging (We can customize wireless

charging if you want)

China Best Athletic Wireless Earbuds

In-ear detection function

When you play the music, put the left and right earphones into your ears to play the music

automatically. When the earbuds out of your ears, the music will stop automatically.

T23 support in-ear detection function, if you need, we can add this function to you

Best Affordable True Wireless Earbuds factory

Change bluetooth name

T23 supports change the bluetooth name. You can change the

Bluetooth name according to your preference.

Best Athletic Wireless Earbuds supplier

Product Schematic

Best Affordable True Wireless Earbuds company

Widely Compatible With All Digital Devices

Widely compatible with digital devices with Bluetooth, such as

mobile phones / tablets / laptops; Support Huawei, Oppo, Vivo, Xiaomi,

Apple, Samsung, Meizu, Etc. Mobile phones of all brands.

Best Athletic Wireless Earbuds China

Custom Packaging

We can customize the packaging according to your requirements.

Best Affordable True Wireless Earbuds wholesale